How to Use Google Pay for Booking Trains Tickets

Google’s UPI installment application, Google Pay (past Tez application), enables clients to send and get cash, make taxi installment and the sky is the limit from there. The inquiry goliath as of late tied up with Indian Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), to encourage train appointments on its site. Clients will most likely hunt and peruse prepares just… Read More »

SSD Speed Test | Samsung 850 EVO – 2017

Cool products they engage in lots Community stuff and I mean they are cat Even a major sponsor of my other channel But when it comes to confusing man. Product naming plans I think Core Core i3 Core i5 takes i7 Cake what i mean great question Core i7 4790k What Cats Do All It also means that… Read More »

What is Hard Disk Drive and Secondary Disk Drive

okay here’s what you need to know about hard drives in a nutshell these large drives on the left these are desktop drives these are laptop drives with an adapter. you can use a laptop drive in a desktop to make it fit and in fact new desktops are being built with smaller trays or Bay’s. So that… Read More »

How to make earphone as microphone in pc

Today will be out how to define your recording device in a faces of once we come here you can say revise your headphone device is gone must be something like that so, we can be doing here today is fix that and I could recognise my mic this is the way. How you do it click here… Read More »

How to restore data from a hard drive

hello and welcome to this hard drive data recovery video now the drive we are going to try and recover the data from is this laptop hard drive now when you’re repairing a hard drive the first thing to do is have a listen to how it sounds because that can tell a lot about what’s actually wrong… Read More »

Create A Bootable Hiren’s Boot in Pen Drive

you now if you’re a fan of hyerin’s bootCD there has been an updated version released now this has not been updatedby the official owner I think this hasbeen updated by the fans that like hiruns boom CD so let’s take a look at thewebsite and the page here so she can seeit’s been added the they’ve added… Read More »

How to download Windows 8.1 Free directly from Microsoft

Hello it’s Nick with Nick’s computer fix com and here’s a video how Download Directly Windows 8.1 Microsoft is free to start free and easy Walk with opening an error. The browser is either from the Start Screen or I’m going to open your desktop. The favorite Internet browser is to be Firefox from my desktop and once… Read More »

How To Install in Java in Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10.

Even your microwave run java did Know that stupid fact is 80 John here. Welcome back to another Article Today we are going to show you guys- How to set something that is very, You suggest that there really is I think the other video has been tapped All this Java is now mostly beautiful Straight but I’m… Read More »